financial advisorOur Mission Statement:
Our mission is to educate financial advisors concerning financial services required to meet the needs of a retiree during the distribution years in a knowledgeable and ethical manner. The mission includes principles of competency and objectivity.


The Society was formed by financial advisors to create an organization that recognizes the specific skills of retirement planning. The Society formed an independent Board that set standards and monitors the quality of the CRFA™ program. The Society also has a Retirement Academy that provides opportunities and programs for continuing education.

SCRFA members are required to demonstrate competency in the following topics:

  • Asset Harvesting to Last a Lifetime
  • Asset Allocation Appropriate for Retirees
  • Taxation of Social Security
  • Deductibility of Medical and LTC Premiums
  • Tax Deferred vs. Tax Free
  • Protection of Principal and Guarantees
  • Advance Directives and Trust
  • IRA and Retirement Plan Distribution Planning
  • Health and Finances: Long-Term Care
  • Estate Planning and Asset Preservation
  • How to Construct Fixed Income Ladders for Consistent Income
  • How to Construct and Protect Retiree Investment Portfolios


This list of topics is continually expanding as additional issues become important to retirees, tax laws change, or economic environment changes requiring a need for additional continuing education.